We all have 24 hours during the day.
How can you have a successful business if you are not focusing your time on generating money?

About Ysaline: Short Media Bio

Ysaline Rozier is a former corporate project manager turned into a time management and success coach.

She has learned how to transform her life from a draining corporate 9-5 to building a meaningful nomadic business that is helping purpose-driven professional women to confidently master their time and productivity so they can reach their goals.

She has gone through the struggles, the fears, the endless questions of understanding what she wanted in her life and how to make it happen within a limited amount of time. Now, she is teaching every woman willing to take action how to lead their own life and work with the right time management and mindset techniques. 


Living a laptop lifestyle: How to create a business that allows you to live anywhere in the world. How to build a successful business and take action consistently without losing motivation?
Why are you procrastinating and what do to against it to level up your business?

How to boost your energy: The keys to understand what is giving you energy on a daily basis

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