So yesterday we spoke about how to determine your chronotype in order to know when you should wake up, when you should go to bed and when you should plug it in your calendar to make sure that you feel rested and energized.

“You need to stick to habits!”

The key is to be consistent

            So today we’re going to speak about something that is related and which I know that you don’t like but is consistent. And actually, you need to try to be consistent when you are going to bed. If you are tired is because you are not consistent. And I already told you so but, you know, our body is like our mind. They need habits, and they need to know how to do them and when, and actually most of the time what we’re doing with our mind and with our body is driving all the attention of what we are doing every day and this is messing everything up! It has to be the same thing for our sleep. So yesterday, I gave you the tip on finding the best time to go to bed and I hope that you plan in your calendar, like blocks of time of when you need to go to them and you’re set an alarm for you to make sure that you are actually going to bed at this time. 


But the most complicated part is to stick to it. Then you need to stick to it for two or three weeks in order to see the improvement. And actually like waking up at a specific hour one day doesn’t mean you will do it from Monday to Friday. It actually means waking up from Monday to Sunday, because it’s implied also during the weekend! And yes, I know. I know. It can be really complicated the first few times because you’re not used to it. So you are going to wake up early in the morning and be like “Oh, this is something I don’t want to do!”But trust me, it’s worth the shot! Most of you are waking up in the morning with an alarm clock. That’s not what is supposed to do. Like you’re supposed to wake up every morning really well reenergize without an alarm clock. Because if you’re waking up naturally, it means that you’re not tired and that you are rested and that’s the goal. If you want to reach this goal, you need to wake up pretty much at the same time on the weekend as well!

And one of the best things that you can do in order to be consistent is to block a time on your calendar to save it in the long term. If you’re sure that an easy alarm is going to ring and you’re going to snooze it, just implement another alarm within 20 minutes before going to bed. So you know that in 20 minutes you’re going to bed so that you have the time to finish what you’re doing quickly, and then you will have to go to bed. That’s the basic stuff if you want to succeed and you really need to be rigorous about that. I know this is going to be hard, it’s not something that is going to be easy. But if you want to change your life, and if you want to be more productive, you need to have a better sleep. And if you want to have better sleep, you need to be more consistent and you need to do things properly and try to do it almost every day. After I completely understand life happens, and sometimes and you won’t be able to go to bed at that specific time you set, but that’s ok. But the thing is that I don’t want you to make this a habit! I want you to keep being consistent between two or three to start seeing the differences. So that’s my second piece of advice for this week. Try to be consistent when you’re going to bed, block a time in your calendar, and set the right alarm.

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