This is the second week on the 21 day challenge, where I will go live on the group every day from Monday to Friday to speak about the topic that you choose. So this week you chose to speak about time management for sleep. And this is really a big topic that most of you needs tips about because if you feel tired, if you feel like overwhelmed, it might be due to bad quality of sleep. And actually most of our population is actually sleep deprived because we spend a lot of time doing and not resting. Why resting is really vital. So if you’re not having a good night’s sleep most of the night, fixing your sleep should actually be one of your focus. 

“You need to take care of your sleep to take care of your life”

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

            When you have a good night’s sleep, you feel more energize, you have more focus, you are more creative, more patient and more productive. The first tip I’m going to give you that you should do today because this is actually going to change your life, it’s to determine your chronotype. And you might wonder what the hell she’s talking about. I don’t know. I don’t even know why. So a chronotype is your criminological review. And as individuals we’re all different. We all are in early at different moments during the day, and we are all organizing our Time Management differently according to the energy that we have. So, in order to start thinking about that, you need to to ask yourself this question: when do when do we have energy? Maybe it’s on the morning maybe it’s in the middle of the day or maybe is during the night. When do I go to bed? is early? Is it really late? Is that in the middle? Am I tired when I’m going to bed every night. And when I’m working. I say if you’re feeling tired when you’re going to bed and when waking up in the morning that might be because of your chronotype and because what everything that you are doing during the day is not aligned with your chronological style. 

So you really need to start paying attention to your flow of energy during the day and actually start scheduling your day according to your chronotype. So for instance, if you’re waking up very early every morning, you might do a lot of things in the morning. But when you are arriving at the end of the day, you are not really productive and you’re going to bed early and that’s cool to hear. That might be good for you but it might be something different for someone else. But what you need to understand is that you need to be aware of everything that you’re doing. And you need to listen to yourself because you are the only one to know what is the best thing for you to do something, when is the best Time Management to wake up or to go to bed because you’re the only one that can feel it. If you feel really tired, or if you feel energetic, that something only you know, so think about that. And if you don’t know what is your chronotype and you’re trying to think about it, but it remains unclear for you to know if you are a morning person or an evening person or if you are in the middle… you can take control of what you create.

This is a quiz that is online and it’s free. And this is going to tell you if you’re an early bird or a night owl. I’m going to give you tips about when you should wake up, when you should go to bed and how you should organize your day because everything you do during the day is actually impacting your sleep.

And I know that some time you know if you’re really know if you are a morning person or really late person, and it might be complicated to make it work but that’s okay, just try to do your best to try to wake up and go to bed when when you feel like it and you will work it out. Actually, you’re not going to find the best time to go to bed from one day to another. Your might follows advice of the quiz but it might take you weeks for you to get used to it and to see the impact on yourself. So just take it slow, take the quiz, start being aware of when you’re waking up and when you’re going to bed. If you feel tired, if you feel more energy and you will solve it. But you need at least to do that between two and three weeks in order to see the effects on yourself. So that’s my first advice for time management for sleep. So try to determine what is your prototype and it will see you tomorrow for another life in another case about that

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