So you know,  two weeks ago I got a flood at my apartment. I told you about it and many of you sent me messages thanking me for sharing this experience.  One of you told me “it was really amazing to know how you reacted, but unfortunately I can’t do it, I’m getting stuck!”  I can understand this situation and I can relate to that. 

The two options you have when a problem arises

            When something unexpected is arising, you have two options: whether you stay stuck with an unfixed mindset or whether you take action with a growth mindset. Having a  fixed mindset is when you think nothing can change, whatever you are doing, whatever you are trying, you know that it won’t work. So why even bother trying?  And why even try to find a solution? But when you have a growth mindset, you know that anything can happen and you know that you will be able to deal with everything. Because when you have a growth mindset, you know that failure is a teacher. And you will try something new every day, regardless of whether it fails or not because you’re conscious you will learn something out of it and you will grow your skills. And this is what I want for you.  Because most of the time, when something is happening and we think we’re not able to deal with it, this is just a matter of mindset. If you believe you have the power to make things change and the wisdom to handle the situation, you will be able to do it. In order to do that, you need to be aware of it.

We are fine if we don’t get things done. We are fine if we say no. 

What are your thoughts during hard moments?

            So when something is happening, what types of things are you thinking about? What is on your mind? Are you telling yourself that you won’t succeed at finding a solution to your problems? Are you telling yourself you are not good enough? Do you just think about how difficult this situation is? Ok. Let’s pretend you’re having all these kinds of thoughts. Now, my question is: Have you any tangible proof? Have you any proof that you won’t be able to handle it? 

            Most of the time, when I tell this to my clients they tend to say they don’t have any proof; and most of you don’t have any proof either!  You’re just sabotaging yourself because you’re scared. But I want you to be bold, I want you to own it and I want you to trust yourself. I trust that regardless of anything that can happen, you will be able to handle it. But first, you need to believe it yourself and be aware of your thoughts. Once you do this,  you will be able to reframe your mind and to change the way that you are thinking so that whatever happens, you know that you will be able to take care of it thoughts . I believe in all of you, even if you don’t. I know you can handle any unexpected situation in your life. But first, you need to be aware of what you are thinking in order to make that change. So today’s homework for you is to be aware you to be aware of every thought that you have and identify which ones are being useful for you thoughts  to move forward, and which ones are making you get stuck. 

Let me know what’s on your mind because I would love to know and I would love to help you.

Remember, you are totally capable of handling hard situations, but if you need my guidance, don’t hesitate on calling me.

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