How do you feel when you hear the word procrastination? Do you feel tense? Do you feel bad? Do you feel guilty? You know, if you are feeling tense, bad, or guilty that’s really an issue. Because that’s one of the reasons why you are not taking action because when people hear procrastination they are like “Omg, I’m procrastinating! it’s the end of the world!”. And you are so crisped around it that actually you are not taking action. And that’s an issue because most people think procrastination is something really negative, and like society it’s telling us that, we will try to avoid it. That’s the easier solution

But actually, when there’s something to avoid, there’s something to deal with inside of it. 

“You need to dive into the problem to understand why you are procrastinating.”


          Procrastination is just a sign and you need to see it like that -and not as something horribly negative- in order to move forward and take action. It’s a sign that you might be scared of something and you might not know what to do to reach your goal. Or maybe it’s is a sign that indicates you don’t really know what you want in your life and probably your current lifestyle might not be aligned with what you really want to do. And that’s ok! Procrastinating is ok because procrastination is not just something that you take and put in your closet and forget about it. That is not the solution. You actually need to dive into it. You need to understand why you’re procrastinating. When you understand when you are doing this, you will have the key to taking action and feeling motivated all the time. That’s why I want you to embrace your negative emotions so that you can learn about yourself. This is going to help you to move forward, whether in your life or in your business.

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        Hey you! I’m glad you are here!

I’m Ysaline, a French time management coach who helps purpose-driven female professionals -just like you- master their time, be more productive and make life-changing money.

I used be the hard-working girl next door, constantly stressed and tired until I couldn’t take it anymore.

It took me years to get where I’m today.

But one thing is sure: making time to find your path, plan your goals, take action to change your life is within your reach.

The last years, I have watched my clients’ lives flourish in unexpected ways. Even if you’re not 100% there for yourself, I’ve got your back!

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I have been able to support purpose-driven professionals, like you, master their time, be more productive and make life-changing money because I’ve infused my 7 years of time and energy management experience and thousands of dollars’ investments in books and courses to create a successful framework that works

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